The Paul Weeden Discography

compiled by

Carl-Bernhard Kjelstrup, Jr

Paul moved to Oslo, Norway in 1971 and was soon a regular at Oslo’s legendary club,
the now defunct Club 7. I remember our first real meeting at a house warming party a bass
playing friend and I threw in a villa we had just rented eight miles outside Oslo two years later. A few years before I had an extended stay in Cambridge, England, so I spoke the Queens English, very polished. We were gathered in the kitchen heating up pizza in an oven, and when Paul put his slices on a paper plate before putting it in the oven, I asked him,
very courteously, whether he thought it wise to put a paper plate on the oven. He broke up laughing at my English, and said it was a far cry from the way the same question would have been asked in New York.
My modesty keeps me from quoting him, but it certainly was different. Since then we met often at the Club 7 and other places.
Paul always brings a radiance to any group of people he is in. There is something luminous about his person that gets to everybody he meets.
Since then the years have passed, and Paul and I have met at irregular intervals.
Now I am the same age Paul was when we first met. Last year, when I was going to Jazz Fest in New Orleans, I met Paul accidentally at the airport in Oslo.
We took the same flight to Copenhagen, and there our ways parted:
He was going to Seattle, and I went on my way to New Orleans.
The idea for this discography was conceived a short while before Christmas 2004, when Paul dropped by to say hello and wish me a Merry Christmas –
which was followed up with a Christmas card, just to be sure I got the message.
He told me about his web site, and when we looked at it, I could not find any discography, so I suggested I could undertake the endeavor of compiling one.
This then, is supposed to be the final result, unless others dig up something and notify me.

Until then, to quote Duke Ellington, we love you madly, Paul

If anybody wants to study Paul’s compositions, the Dutch publishers Vaktechnishe Uitgeverij BV has issued a collection of fourteen of his tunes under the title The Music World of Paul Weeden, notated by John C. Marshall, who plays guitar alongside Paul in the band Advanced Warning. First published in April, 1996, the discography was updated in a 2nd printing in September, 1996. It may be difficult to get hold of, but I have a copy, and Paul may be of assistance.

If anybody has information that has eluded me, please get in touch with me by

Also, if you are interested in a printed, bound version, please contact me at the same address. To make things easier for me, write Paul Weeden in the subject line.
The only abbreviations are the standard ones for music instruments. Where ever possible I have included the matrix number, the other sessions are numbered for easier reference. All CD releases are in bold face.
I would like to extend my thanks to Tom Davis of London, England, friend extraordinaire, for finding details about commercial recordings I was unable to find myself. Also to Ditmer Weertman and Ira Kuntz of the Nederlands Jazz Archief for generous help beyond the call of duty, and to Herbert Noord for valuable assistance. I have compared info I received from Paul with the Tom Lord Discography and other sources, and where there are discrepancies, I have trusted Paul.
There are a few recordings missing: Some Swedish radio broadcasts with the Harlem Kiddies from the late sixties, and some more information on recordings done by the Swedish Sonet and Club Teen labels. The discography will be updated when I receive this info.

This one is for my daughter Ragnhild

August 28, 2005


54-01                                                                  The Rusty Bryant Quintet with the Evans Sisters                                                                    Dot session

Rusty Bryant (ts), Hank Marr (p, organ), Paul Weeden (g), Ike Isaacs (b), Taylor Orr (d), vocals by the Evans Sisters

NYC, October 21, 1954

M9018    I need Somebody (ts voc)  2:29                              Dot 15449

M9019    Rock on                                                                  unissued

M9032    Frankie and Johnny  2:10                                        Dot 15449

M9033    Don't Stop Now                                                     unissued

M9018 and M9032 on ”America’s Greatest Rock-n-Roll” Carolyn CD 101



54-02                                                                            The Rusty Bryant Quintet                                                                                               Dot session

Rusty Bryant (ts), Hank Marr (p, organ), Paul Weeden (g), Ike Isaacs (b), Taylor Orr (d)

NYC, December 6, 1954

M8658    The Honeydripper  2:14                                          Dot 15420, DEP1047, DLP3006

M8659    Hot Fudge  2:02                                                                 15376, DEP1048,       -

M8660    Moonlight Garden Stomp  1:46                                           15420,        -                           -    

M8661    Ridin' with Rusty  2:30                                             15376,        -               -

M8662    Hank-a-boo  2:23                                                                                                   -   

«America’s Greatest Jazz» Dot LP 3006,  «America’s Greatest Rock-n-Roll»

Carolyn CD 101



55-01                                                             The Rusty Bryant Quintet with Nancy Wilson                                                                              Dot session

Rusty Bryant (ts), Hank Marr (p, organ), Paul Weeden (g), Ike Isaacs (b), Taylor Orr (d), Nancy Wilson (voc)

NYC? January 16, 1955

M9195    St. Louis blues                                                        (unissued)

M9196    Chorvinze                                                                           -

M9197    Davey Crockett Boogie                                                      -

M9198    Stella by Starlight                                                                -

M9199    Foot Stompin'  2:42                                                 Dot 15476

M9200    Don't Tell Me (rb out,nw vcl)  2:51                          -

M9199, M9200 on «America’s Greatest Rock-N-Roll»,  Carolyn CD  101


62-01                                                                   The Gene Ammons/Sonny Stitt Quintet                                                                               Verve session

Sonny Stitt (ts), Gene Ammons (ts), Don Patterson (organ), Paul Weeden (g), Billy James (d)

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, February 1, 1962

62VK267-6    Long Ago and Far Away  6:17            Verve MGV8468, (Jap) MV2578

62VK268        Walkin’  5:21                                                              -

62VK269-4    Why Was I Born?  8:20                                              -

62VK270-1    John Brown’s Body  7:22                                           -

62VK271-1    Bye-Bye, Blackbird  9:58                                           -

Boss Tenors in Orbit, Verve LP V5-8468, Same title, Verve 549 371-2

according to Verve this session took place on February 18, not the 1st.



62-02                                                                                     Sonny Stitt                                                                                                           Roost Session

Sonny Stitt (as, ts-1), Don Patterson (organ), Paul Weeden (g), Billy James (d)

NYC,March 30, 1962

60172-3          S’posin –1  6:17                                             Roost SLP 2247

60173-6          Goodnight Ladies  3:49                                               -

60174-3          Stretch Pants  5:07                                                      -

60175-4          If I Should Lose You   5:17                                        -

60176-5          Nightmare –1   2:15                                                    -

60177-2          Hollerin’ the Blues  4:47                                              -

60178-4          O Solo Mio  3:42                                                       -

60179-10        Look Up –1  3:09                                                       -

60180-5          Feelin’s –1  3:53                                                                     -

Roost SLP 2247, Feelin’s,  All titles also on Roulette RE123 (double LP); second LP by Stan Getz. The Complete Roost Sonny Stitt Studio Sessions, Mosaic MD9-208. Probably recorded prior to April 9, 1962. Most likely it was recorded in February when Stitt was working in New York, or in the first week of April. He recorded an album with this band for Riverside in New York April 4. See session 62-03.



62-03                                                                                       Sonny Stitt                                                                                                      Jazzland Session

Sonny Stitt (as-1, ts-2), Paul Weeden (g), Don Patterson (org), Billy James (d)

NYC, April 4, 1962

1.      Donald Duck (1) 04:35                                                          Jazzland JLP71

  1. Close Your Eyes (1) 03:41                                                                 -
  2. Low Flame  (2) 04:55                                                                        -
  3. Put Your Little Foot Right Out [aka Fran-Dance] (2) 05:22    -
  4. Cynthia Sue (1) 05:56                                                            -
  5. Silly Billy (2)  04:53                                                                            -
  6. Baby, Do You Ever Think Of Me (1)  02:52                           -
  7. Fine And Dandy (1)  07:52                                                                -

All titles on: Jazzland LP 12": JLP71 (mono), JLP971 (stereo) - «Low Flame», Prestige CD: PRCD-24236-2 - «Legends Of Acid Jazz: Low Flame»


62-04                                                                              Gene Ammons Quintet                                                                                            Prestige session

Gene Ammons (ts), Clarence «Sleepy» Anderson (p, org), Paul Weeden (g), Sylvester Hickman (b), Dorral Anderson (d)

Chicago, April 27, 1962

11664 Blue Groove                                                                Prestige MPP 2514

11665 Yeah !                                                                                     -

11666 It Never Goes Away                                                               -

11667 Blinky                                                                                     -

11668 No More Poor days                                                    Argo unissued

11669 Someone to Watch Over Me                                       Prestige MPP 2514

11670 Fifth Sunday                                                                Argo unissued

11671 Sleepy                                                                         Prestige MPP 2514

11672 You’d Better Go Now                                                            -

11673 Masquerade Is Over                                                               -

Released as «Blue Groove» on Prestige LP MPP 2514. Two tracks are unissued



62-05                                                                                      Gene Ammons                                                                                                 Prestige session

Gene Ammons (ts), Don Patterson (organ), Paul Weeden (g), Billy James (d)

Chicago, c. May, 1962

  1. 11704 I Can’t Stop Loving You                                             Prestige PR7791
  2. 11705 My Babe                                                                                -
  3. I Can’t Get Started                                                                       unissued
  4. C Jam Blues                                                                                       -
  5. Just You, Just Me                                                                              -

Two first tracks released as «The Soul Giants» with  various artists on Prestige LP  PR7791



62-06                                                                                     Sonny Stitt Quintet                                                                                        Blue Note session

Sonny Stitt (as, ts-1), Dexter Gordon (ts), Don Patterson (organ), Paul Weeden (g), Billy James (d)

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, May 14, 1962

tk 3 Lady Be Good                                                              (unissued) Blue Note

tk 4 Lady Be Good  8:04                                                        7243 8 34200 2 5

tk 6 Unknown Title No 1                                                              unissued

tk 7 Unknown Title No 1                                                                    -

tk 10 There’ll Never Be Another You                                     -

tk 11 Unknown Title No 1 (1)                                                 -

tk 11 Unknown Title No 2 (Charleston) (1)                                         -

tk 12 Unknown Title No 2  (Charleston  (1)                                        -

Bye Bye Blackbird                                                                             -

Lady Be Good tk 4 on Dexter Gordon: "The Complete Blue Note Sixties Sessions"
The others rejected


62-07                                                                            Eddie ”Lockjaw” Davis Quintet                                                                               Prestige session

Eddie ”Lockjaw” Davis (ts), Don Patterson (org), Paul Weeden (g), George Duvivier (b), Billy James (d)

Rudy van Gelder studios, New Jersey, November 15, 1962

3653    Day by Day  6:45                                                                                         Prest  PR7271

3654    Robbin’s Nest    5:38                                                  Prest 45-257,           PR7271

3655    Beano                                                                                                       unissued

3656    Street Lights  5:29                                                                              Prest PR7261

3657    Sweet and Lovely  4:34                                              Prest 45-257            PR7271

3658    I Only Have Eyes for You  5:14                                                                      -

3659    The Way You Look Tonight    6:31                                                    Prest PR7261

3660    It’s a Pity to Say Goodnight     4:44                                                                -

3661    Time on My Hands  5:48                                                                                -

3662    There Will Never Be Another You  4:46                                                      PR7271

3663    Beano  5:18                                                                Prest 45-279,                       PR7272

3664    What’s New?  4:00                                                                                       -

3665    Too Marvellous for Words  4:35                                                                    -

3666    A Foggy Day   5:07                                                    Prest 45-279,            PR7272

Prestige PR7261 entitled «I Only Have Eyes for You», Prestige PR7271 entitled «Trackin’» Prestige CD, «Streetlights», CD 25218—5150-2



63-01                                                                                 The Don Patterson Trio                                                                                          Cadet session

Don Patterson (org), Paul Weeden (g), Billy James (d)

Chicago, January 22, 1963

12127  Goin’ Down Home                                                                 Cadet LP787

12128  Frankie Mc                                                                                        -

12129  Trick Bag                                                                                           -

12130  Work Song                                                                                        -

12131  It’s Magic                                                                                          -

12132  1197 Fair                                                                                           -

12133  Little Duck                                                                                         -

12134  John Brown’s                                                                                     -

12135  I’m Just a Lucky So and So                                                                -

released as «Goin’ Down Home» on Cadet LP787



67-00                                                                                     The Harlem Kiddies                                                                                      Club Teen session

Personnell possibly as on 67-01

Unknown date


Please Grow Up

I'm The Best

Soul Party  

Released on CLUB TEEN EP RM 5177


67-00b                                                                       The Harlem Kiddies with King George                                                                           Sonet Session

Personnell possibly as  67-01

Unknown date

Good Lovin'


SONET T 7246



67-01                                                                         The Harlem Kiddies with King George                                                                          Sonet Session

Willie Ray (voc), Paul Weeden (g), Les Brathwaite (keyboards), Dave Turnball (sax),Claude Bartee (sax), Grave Hansen (d) + George Clemons (voc), Billie Jo Thomas (keboards), Jesse Wilkes (sax), Kurt Hansen (sax), Wordie Jones (keyboards), Anders Lindskog (sax), James Buchanan (sax)

Unknown date

Soul Meeting

Stand By Me

I Feel Good

Midnight Hour

Land Of Thousand Dances

Ain't Too Proud To Beg

I Can't Help Myself

How You 'Spect

If I Had A Hammer

You Are My Sunshine

You Don't Know Like I Do

Hold On I'm Coming

Harlem Kiddies with King George: «'Live' From Las Vegas»  Sonet LP SLPS 1239



68-00                                                                                        Various artists                                                                                      Youth Aid  Recording

The Harlem Kiddies, possibly with Paul,  contributed to the LP «Ungdom hjælper Grønlands Unge», Sonet LP SONET SLPS 1252. Released in 1968       



68-01                                                                         The Coleman Hawkins Quintet                                                                        Tempo di Jazz session

Coleman Hawkins (ts), Lou Bennett (p, org), Paul Weeden (g), Hugo Rasmussen (b), William Schiöpffe (d)

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 12, 1968

  1. Lover Come Back to Me                                            Tempo di Jazz (It) CDJI707

2.      All the Things You Are                                                                       -

Tempo di Jazz Records CDJI707


68-02                                                                         The Coleman Hawkins Quartet                                                                        Tempo di Jazz session

Coleman Hawkins (ts), Lou Bennett (p, org), Paul Weeden (g), Albert ”Tootie” Heath (d)

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 14, 1968

  1. Just You, Just Me                                                       Tempo di Jazz (It) CDJI707
  2. Moonglow                                                                                         -

Tempo di Jazz Records (It) CDJI707


69-01                                                                              Paul Weeden Quartet                                                                                             Radio broadcast


Paul Weeden (g), Hein van der Gaag (p), Han van der Poot (b), Leo de Ruiter (d)

Club Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, February 12, 1969

Unknown jam tune

California Dreaming



It Could Happen to You

The Blues

And I Thought about You

I got Rhythm

Stella by Starlight

Out There




69-02                                                                Paul Weeden with the Carl Schulze trio                                                                               Radio broadcast


Paul Weeden (g), Carl Schulze (vib), Maarten van Regteren Altena (b), Martin van Duynhoven (d)

Lurelei Theater, Holland, February 21, 1969



Unknown blues

Lover Man

The Girl from Ipanema



69-03                                                  Paul Weeden with the Carl Schulze trio and Theo Loevendie                                                        Radio broadcast


Theo Loevendie (as), Carl Schulze (vib), Paul Weeden (g), Rein de Graaff (p), Henk Haverhoek (b), Leo de Ruiter (d)

Same date and venue


Unknown tunes 30:00


69-04                                                                                     Paul Weeden Trio                                                                                            Radio broadcast


Paul Weeden (g),  Maarten van Regteren Altena (b), Leo de Ruiter (1)

Quartet: add Cees Slinger (p) (2)


Quintet: add Harry Verbeke (ts) (3)

Club Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, March 18, 1969

Jam tune

Autumn Leaves


You Stepped out of a Dream


71-01                                                                                     Magni Wentzel                                                                                                 Radio bradcast


Magni Wentzel (voc), Paul Weeden (g), Einar Iversen (p), Sture Janson (b), Jon

Christensen (d)

Oslo, Norway(?), January 1971

I Remember Clifford 8:20

This was the contribution from NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, to the Eurojazz 1971



71-02                                                                                     Magni Wentzel                                                                                                  Radio broadcast


Magni Wentzel (g), Paul Weeden (g), Håkon Nilsen & Svein Christiansen (acc)

NRK, Oslo, Norway, May 28, 1971

Used in Søndagsposten

My Mother’s Song  5:45



74-01                                                                               Arild Wikstrøm band                                                                                             Radio broadcast


Arild Wikstrøm (p, voc), Erling Wicklund (tb),Paul Weeden (g), Oleg Oudovikov (g), Ray Taylor (b), Jon Christensen (d)

Oslo, Norway, June 12, 1974

  1. I Want a Little Girl  6:55 
  2. There’ll Never Be another You 7:00
  3. I Just Don’t Know what to Do with Myself  8:50
  4. Come Rain or Come Shine  7:20



74-02                                                                                        Paul Weeden                                                                                                      RCA session

Egil Kapstad (p, el-p), Paul Weeden (g), Bjørn Jacobsen (b, el-b), Ole-Jacob Hansen (d-1), Finn Sletten (d-2), Earl Wilson (perc-3)

Oslo, Norway, June 27, 1974

  1. Willow Weep for Me   (1)                                                      RCA (Nor)YNJL1-705
  2. Too Young to Be Old    (1)                                                                            -
  3. Jeg har ei tulle med øyne blå    (1)                                                                  -
  4. Going to See Rickey    (1)                                                                              -
  5. Funky Cheese  (1)                                                                                         -
  6. Beautiful Lady  (1)                                                                                         -
  7. Attakullaculla   (1)                                                                                         -
  8. Flat Foot (2-3)                                                                                              -
  9. First Light (2-3)                                                                                             -

Norwegian RCA YNJL1-705 Attakullaculla



76-01                                                                         Paul Weeden and the Youngbloods                                                                              Radio broadcast


Odd Risnæs (ts), Erling Aksdal (p), Paul Weeden (g), Geir Holmsen (b), Finn Sletten (d)

Oslo, Norway, October 19, 1976

  1. Lost Dreams 8:40
  2. Too Young to Be Old  5:25

3.      Seven Minds 3:50

  1. Reality 8:25



77-01                                                                                     Earl Wilson band                                                                                               Radio broadcast


Earl Wilson (voc), Paul Weeden (g), Nipe Nyren (g), Håkon Graf (organ), Thomas Berg Monsen (harmonica), Sveinung Hovinsjø (b), Bjørn Jenssen (d)

Sauda, Blues concert, NRK, October 2,1977

  1. No Money, No Honey  5:55
  2. Sauda Blues 3:45
  3. Lost My Baby  10:25 
  4. My Nasty Mother-in-Law  5:40 



81-01                                                                                     Earl Wilson band                                                                                               Radio broadcast


Earl Wilson (voc), Paul Weeden (g), Tom Gjertsen (g), Hayes Burnett (b), Jan Lie (d)

August 13, 1981

  1. Something to Hold On to  4:05
  2. It’s Too Good to Be True  4:05
  3. I Got a Brand New Love  3:55
  4. You Can Make It if You Try 10:50
  5. Sweet Running Water Man 6:50
  6. Blues for Erling  5:20

All tunes aired on August 16, 1981


82-01                                                                                 Jan Harrington band                                                                                                   CBS session

Jan Harrington (voc), Svein Gjermundrød (tpt), Jens Wendelboe (tb), Odd Riisnæs (ss, ts) Tor Welo (p), Paul Weeden (g), Nils-Petter ”Nipe” Nyren (g), Sveinung Hovinsjø (b, g)

Oslo, Norway, January 1, 1982

  1. Is It Really real
  2. Seven days a Week Man Blues

3.      Video Blues

  1. Mirror Image
  2. The Blues Rocking
  3. Who’s the Loser
  4. Lear to Live Without You

CBS Records serial number missing



82-02                                                                                     Earl Wilson Blues Band                                                                                    Radio broadcast


Earl Wilson (voc), Paul Weeden (g), Tom Gjertsen (g), Hayes Burnett (b), Jan Lie (d)

Studio 20, NRK, Oslo, Norway, January 14, 1982

  1. Something to Hold on to  4:00
  2. It’s Too Good to Be True  3:05
  3. I Got a Brand New Love  3:55
  4. Blues for Erling  5:10



86-02                                                                              Paul Weeden & Herbert Noord                                                                            Private recordings


Charlie Green (tpt), Tommy Jones (ts), Herbert Noord (org), Paul Weeden /g and voc) Fred Cohen (d)

            Limburg, October 12 & 18, 1986

  1. Perroen Blues  19:53
  2. Eugenia Blues  13:57

Timing from tape


87-01                                                                         Paul Weeden/Herbert Noord Quintet                                                                          Radio broadcast


Charlie Green (tpt), Fred Leflang (ts), Herbert Noord (org), Paul Weeden (g), Rick

Hollander (d)

VPRO Radio, May 10, 1987

  1. Hand Made Blues  10:52
  2. Intro Paul Weeden  0:21
  3. There Will Never Be Another You  8:30
  4. Intro Paul Weeden  0:16
  5. Nothing to be Afraid of  10:26
  6. Camel Walk  10:41
  7. Loosin’ Up  11:10
  8. You  6:30
  9. Lester Leaps in  11:16

The last track, Lester leaps in, was recorded in Hilversum by a band consisting of Wim Overgaauw (g), Paul Weeden (g), Marcel Seierse (d), unknown bass. Date and venue unknown



87-02                                                                       Paul Weeden/Herbert Noord Quintet                                                               Timeless Sunny session

Charlie Green (tpt, flgh),Fred Leeflang (ts), Herbert Noord (org), Paul Weeden (g on all tracks except *), Rick Hollander, drums

Monster, Netherlands,March 1987

  1. Hand Made Blues  6:11                                              Timeless Sunny (Du) JC11012
  2. Never Will I Leave You  4:44                                                 -
  3. The Snuffdipper  3:55                                                             -
  4. You  5:27                                                                                          -
  5. So This Is the Blues  6:29                                                                   -
  6. Clear Sight  5:12  *                                                                            -
  7. Fred’s Delight    4:05  *                                                                      -
  8. Larry’s Direction  3:02                                                           -

Timeless Sunny (Du) LP  JC11012 Clear Sight 



89-01                                                                                     Thank You, Tadd                                                                               Weeden recording session

(6, 8-13) Paul Weeden, Sr (g), Gøstein Bargford (g), Norvald Hitsøy (g, fl), Calle Ateland (electric bass), Tor Jamie (d)

Karmøy Music School, Karmøy, Norway, 1989

  1. April Is Pretty  3:50
  2. Got You at Last  3:57
  3. Dexter  3:03
  4. Ingrid  5:58
  5. Thank You Tadd  2:39
  6. Not in Vain  3:47

Timing on CD coverlet is wrong in some cases. All tracks on the CD «Now and Then», Weeden International Recording and Publishing Co, PWSR 97


89-02                                                   Rinus Groeneveld/Herbert Noord/ Paul Weeden Quintet                                                                 Affinity session

Rinus Groeneveld (ts, voc-1), Herbert Noord, (org),Paul Weeden (g, except 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 15), Roberto Haliffi, Pierre van der Linden (d, perc), Tommy D. 'Madman' Jones (voc-2)

Studio 44, Monster, Netherlands, February, 1989

  1. Touch of a scorpion  2:27                                                       Charly (E) CD 186  
  2. Hi-Fi Apartment (2) 3:04                                                                   -
  3. The Day Monk Died    3:00                                                                -
  4. Bea’s Flat  6:20                                                                                 -
  5. Ode to Odell  2:33                                                                             -
  6. Breakable  3:38                                                                                 -
  7. Gimme A Break (2)  2:18                                                                   -
  8. Je chante, Miou, Miou  5:01                                                               -
  9. I Am A Lushhead  5:42                                                                      -
  10. John Stone Stomp  2:36                                                                     -
  11. Looking At Things Passing By  6:18                                                   -
  12. Doubts   4:13                                                                                     -
  13. On A Sunday Afternoon  3:27                                                -
  14. Song For My Mother  7:38                                                               -
  15. W'Have The Blues (2)  4:58                                                               -

Track 1-8, 10, 11, 13 and 15 on Hi-Fi apartment, Affinity LP AFF 203, All tracks on Charly (E) 186 Records.



94-01                                                                                     Advanced Warning:                                                                                   ITM Shuttle session

Rinus Groeneveld (ts), Herbert Noord (org), John C. Marshall (g), Paul

Weeden (g on 4, 6 and 10), Pierre van der Linden, drums

Studio 44, Monster, Netherlands, October 1992 and May 1993


  1. Watch Out For The Jazzpolice  5:48               ITM Shuttle CD SHM 0231193
  2. Don't Mention de War  5:11                                                   -
  3. Stolen For My Dearest  2:28                                                  -
  4. Happy with Paul  2:40                                                -
  5. The Heat Is On  5:09                                                             -
  6. A Night With Superfly 5:49                                                    -
  7. No Extravaganza  7:30                                                           -
  8. The Dogs Are Barking But The Caravan Goes On  6:01         -

9.      Flanel Ist 'Out'  5:45                                                               -

  1. Jean Gabin At Place Pigalle  4:32                                            -
  2. The Big City Blues  5:21                                                         -
  3. Pierre's Short Explanation  0:53                                              -

ITM Shuttle «Watch out for the Jazzpolice» CD SHM 0231193, also SJW BLR Records BLR 003


95-01                                                                                     Earl Wilson band                                                                                                radio broadcast      


Earl Wison (voc) accompanied by Roy Nikolaisen (tpt) Rune Nicolaysen (ts) Thomas Berg Monsen (hca) Henrik Mosnes (p,org) Tom Gjertsen, Paul Weeden, Nipe Nyren (g) Audun Erlien (b) Anders Viken, Lars Opedal (d) collective personnel,

Oslo, Norway, 1995

Unknown tunes



95-02                                                                                     Bjørn Thoroddsen                                                                                                  Jazzis session

Paul Weeden/Bjørn Thoroddsen: Bjørn Thoroddsen,  Paul Weeden (g) Bjarni

Sveinbjørnsson (b)

Reykjavik, Iceland, November 8, 1995

Afternoon in Paris  5:05                                                                                          Jazzis (Ic) 107

Bjørn Thoroddsen Jazz Guitar, Jazzis 107

The CD contains eight more duos with other guitar players.



96-01                                                                                    Paul Weeden Octet                                                                                  Paul Weeden session

Roy Nikolaisen (tpt, flg), Rune Nikolaisen (saxophone), Odd Riisnæs (ts, ss, arr), Vidar Johansen (as, bar), Eivin Sannes (p), Paul Weeden (g), Kristen Svendsen (b), Ole Jacob Hansen (d)

Oslo, Norway, June 24, 1996

  1. Too Young to Be Old  7:27                                        Paul Weeden (Nor) PWSR 97
  2. Ingrid  4:56                                                                                        -
  3. Afterwhile  6:52                                                                                 -
  4. Da Mutt  3:51                                                                                    -
  5. Another One for Bags  7:10                                                               -
  6. Try to Find It out  5:32                                                                       -
  7. Nice but easy  7:46                                                                            -
  8. Getting Out  4:31                                                                                -
  9. Carl’s Cool  4:01                                                                               -
  10. Stolen Sweets  5:11                                                                           -

«Too Young to Be Old», Weeden International Recording and Publishing Co, PWSR 97



98-02                                                                                        Doris Spears                                                                                              Encounter session

Paul Weeden Sr. (g), Rune Nicolaysen (ts), Pam Morita (p), Kristen Svendsen (b), Andrea Banini (d & perc)

On Funny: Tyrone Brown (b), Houston Person (as), Eddie Green (p), Jim Miller (d), Doris Spears (voc), Sonic (nee Warehouse) Studios, Philadelphia, PA, March 5, 1955

Oslo, Norway, February 2, 1998

  1. Evil Gal Blues  4:51                                                                Encounter Ear-1025
  2. Funny  5:41                                                                                        -
  3. Speak Low  3:51                                                                               -
  4. Jazz Ain’t Nothing but Soul      3:31                                                    -
  5. Old Folks  5:18                                                                                  -
  6. The Island  4:58                                                                                 -
  7. Stormy Weather  5:12                                                            -
  8. Social Call  2:20                                                                                 -
  9. The Song Is You  2:01                                                           -

10.  To My Friends & Family  4:18                                                           -

Released as «The Dutchess» Encounter CD EAR-1025



00-01                                                                         Jimmie Coe & Paul Weeden band                                                                       Paul Weeden session

Clifford Radcliffe (tpt, flg), Reginald Duvalle (tb), Jimmy Coe (ts), Emmett Stewart (bar), Melvin Rhyne (p), Paul Weeden (g), Frank Smith (b) Earl Coe (d), Steve ”Como” King (perc), vocals by Aretta Bush, Ronald Weeden and James Bell

Indianapolis, April 21 and May 6, 2000

  1. Slice Dude  6:49                                                         Paul Weeden (Nor) JCPW1329
  2. At Odds  3:46                                                                                    -
  3. Boogie Down  5:45                                                                            -
  4. This Bitter Earth 4:35                                                                         -
  5. Day by Day  2:15                                                                               -
  6. April Is Pretty                                                                                    -
  7. Dexter  2:41                                                                                       -
  8. In Between  4:02                                                                                -
  9. Now I Know  3:49                                                                            -
  10. More Today than Yesterday  4:29                                                      -
  11. Naptown Shuffle 3:35                                                             -

Some timings on coverlet off. Timing from Audiograbber

Weeden International Recording and Publishing Co: CD «Now I Know Dreams Do Come True», JCPW1329


02-01                                                                  Paul Weeden Octet with Daryl MacDade                                                                  Paul Weeden session

(1-5) Paul Weeden, Sr (g), Odd Riisnes (ts) Roy Nicholaisen (flgh, tpt) Vidar Johansen (bar, as), Rune Nicolaisen (ts), Tom Olstad (d) Eivin Sannes (p), Kristen Svendsen (b), Daryl MacDade (voc, g), Lasse Weeden (bass guitar), Abdre Bannini (d)

Waterfall Studios, Oslo, Norway, May 11, 2002

  1. Katherine the Great  5:43                                            Paul Weeden (Nor) PWSR 97
  2. Skå på do  5:05                                                                                 -
  3. You 5:56                                                                                           -
  4. Why Not Now?  4:41                                                                        -
  5. Night Life  6:16                                                                                  -
  6. Not Lonely  5:50                                                                                -
  7. Running  5:38                                                                                     -

Timing on CD coverlet is wrong in some cases. All tracks on the CD «Now and Then» Weeden International Recording and Publishing Co, PWSR 97



02-02                                                  Paul Weeden w. Grønnes Bad & Jazzforsyning and Hilde Hefte                                                       NRK recording

Arne R. Skage (tpt), Bjørn Åge Austad (flgh), Erik Peersen (ts), Thor Kristian Rasmussen (p), Paul Weeden sr. (g) Petter Eidem (b), Bernt Kristian Laundal (d), Hilde Hefte (voc *)

NRK Sørlandet musikkstudio, in the fall of 2002

  1. Nice but Easy  2:58 *                                                 Kultur & Spetakkel KS 0301
  2. Carl’s Cool  4:19                                                                               -
  3. Moon Kissed  3:45                                                                            -
  4. Søndag ettermiddag  3:12                                                                  -
  5. Try to Find Out  4:47  *                                                                     -

6.      Another One for Bags  4:40                                                               -

  1. Baby Blues  2:32                                                                                -
  2. Kitty  3:18                                                                                         -
  3. Arne’s Horn  3:28                                                                              -
  4. Thinking of Duke  4:16  *                                                                   -
  5. Bolnez  3:34                                                                                       -
  6. Blues for Thor Kristian  3:13                                                              -
  7. Why Latin  2:25                                                                                 -
  8. Gå til ro  4:17  *                                                                                 -         
  9. I’ll Remember Flekkefjord  4:02                                                         -

Released on Kultur & Spetakkel CD KS 0301

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